How to Find Training Course Funding That Kick-Starts Your Career


Going on a training course is one of the very best ways of kick-starting a career that has stagnated lately or has taken a wrong turn.

For instance, if you are currently out of work or going through some financial difficulties then a useful and relevant training course could boost both your CV and your future earning prospects.

Yet, this is exactly when you may find it a real struggle to pay for the training that you need. Well, the good news is that there are some smart ways of getting hold of training course funding that you might not yet be aware of.

Flexible Support Fund

If you are currently receiving unemployment benefits then the Flexible Support Fund is designed to help you get back into employment. This fund is administered by the nation’s Job Centres.

The key issue is that this initiative can be used for a wide range of expenses. These include travelling costs, clothing and anything else that could be useful to someone trying to get their career moving in the right direction.

Job Centres have the freedom to use this fund in the way that they see fit. Therefore, it is down to the applicant to present a solid case. This could be to use it to go on a training course that gives them the skills to help them get back into work.

Those people who are currently in schemes such as the Work Programme or Work Choice can’t apply to use this fund, though. Otherwise, applicants are assessed on a case by case basis.

To get started on finding out how to use this approach you just need to speak to your local Job Centre.

Professional and Career Development Loans

This is a government run scheme that allows you to take out a bank loan to make paying for training that bit easier. The borrowing limits are currently set at between £300 and £10,000.

There is a list of eligibility criteria on the official site that makes it clear who can apply for training course funding in this way. For a start, all applicants need to be 18 years or over and be a British citizen. They also need to have lived in the UK for a minimum of 3 years before the start date of the course.

In addition, you need to be planning to work in the UK, the EU or the EEA after you complete the course. The course itself must be run by a professional training company that is registered on the Professional Career and Development Loan Register.

You need to repay the loan after the PRINCE2 training or other course, although the government will pay the interest for you during the course and for a month afterwards. This loan can be used for long term courses of up to 2 years, or 3 years including a year of work experience, as well as for shorter training sessions.

Finally, don’t forget to apply for this loan a couple of months before the course, to get it all processed in time. Don’t apply more than 2 months in advance, though, or the application will be automatically rejected.

To apply just phone the National Careers Service on 0800 100 900 or apply online following the link above.

SDS Individual Learning Accounts in Scotland

If you live in Scotland and plan to work there then there is a training funding scheme from Skills Development Scotland that is well worth looking into.

Individual Learning Accounts are offered in order to give workers the opportunity to get professionally qualified in Scotland even if they are struggling to pay for the training that they need to get. This can be to break into the jobs market for the first time or else to take the next step on the careers ladder.

The financial benefit in this case is that you can get up to £200 a year to get trained. It is important to point out that this isn’t a loan and that it doesn’t need to be paid back at all at any time in the future.

The training has to be carried out by one of the training companies who are registered for this scheme. At the time of writing, there are more than 400 such training providers dotted all over Scotland offering all sorts of types of training.

The popularity of this scheme can be seen in the fact that the figures for 2015/16 show that 22,000 people took advantage of 25,000 courses in this way.

The eligibility in this case includes being normally resident in Scotland, being at least 16 years of age and earning a salary of £22,000 a year or less. It is also important that you don’t have a university degree and aren’t currently enrolled in any other sort of education course.

ReAct Training Course Funding in Wales

In Wales, the ReAct scheme is split into two parts; one for employers and for one individuals. If you have been affected by redundancy then this programme is aimed at giving you the great new skills that will make you more attractive to potential employers.

To get started your training needs will be assessed by Career Wales, who will then give advice on the most relevant training courses and where they are going to be held.

Provided that you are accepted under this useful scheme then you can receive 100% of the cost needed to get trained on new skills, up to a total of £1,500. This includes travelling costs, accommodation costs if necessary, childcare costs and any other relevant expenses.

You can find out more from your local Career Wales office or else by getting in touch with Learning and Career Advice by phone on 0800 100 900.

The Royal British Legion External Grants

Another source of training funding that may be right for some people comes from the External Grants offered by The Royal British Legion. This is a programme that covers financial help in numerous ways, with training course funding being one of the possibilities worth exploring.

They state on their official website that they help thousands of people every year in a variety of different ways. As part of this, the useful scheme can benefit current and former members of the armed forces to get valuable training to help their future careers.

You can kick off the application process online, with all applications then moving on to the committee review stage.

The Prince’s Trust Development Awards

The Prince’s Trust aims to help UK residents between the ages of 16 and 25 to get into work, which can involve getting new skills on a training course. The Trust’s Development Awards are available for anyone in this age group who isn’t currently in employment, education or training.

The overall idea is that you can use this award for training course funding on courses that cost less than £500, as well as other relevant costs associated with your training.

You can apply for a Development Award online or else by calling the Prince’s Trust on 0800 842 842.

By looking into these different ways of obtaining training course funding there is every chance that you gain the skills that you need to look forward a brighter future and a more rewarding carer. It has definitely got to be worth giving it a try.