What is included in the price of a PRINCE2 course?

Full Package

Here at Knowledge Tree we want to offer you the complete PRINCE2 package so you can see exactly what is included in the price of a PRINCE2 course.

We have carefully thought about everything you will need included in your PRINCE2 training course.

We feel it is important to be clear from the start about everything included in the price of your PRINCE2 course and so you know exactly what you are paying for.


Your complete PRINCE2 Package


What’s included in the price of a PRINCE2 course:

·      High quality training

·      Exams

·      Training materials




We pride ourselves on offering high quality and informative training that is taken by one of our qualified and experienced PRINCE2 trainers. We are delighted to include this in the price of your PRINCE2 course.

We know a lot of you signing up for a PRINCE2 course may be daunted by the work ahead. Our trainers will guide and support you throughout the course and provide you with lots of hints and tips to prepare for your exams.

Our training course covers all of the PRINCE2 syllabus and our courseware is also accredited by Peoplecert, so rest assured you will learn everything you need to know. We want to make sure you get everything included in the price of your PRINCE2 course.

Our trainers will also set you evening study work, group work and discussions along the way to give you the best learning experience possible.




Whether you opt for a Foundation, Practitioner or the Foundation & Practitioner combined course you will have an exam or two to do at the end. Exams are a big part of the PRINCE2 course cost and we feel it is important to include this price in your overall PRINCE2 course price as some companies choose not to do that and delegates are faced with an unexpected high cost of exam fees after they finish their training.

We also offer a Foundation guarantee with our PRINCE2 courses- one free resit if you fail your Foundation exam. This is a special bonus we like to be able to offer you in the price of your PRINCE2 course.


Training Materials


The right training materials are key to your exam preparation and success. We want you to have all the tools you need for your revision and future career in project management. We ensure that you will receive the most up to date training materials and we are pleased to be able to offer you our Knowledge Tree training pack which is included in the price of your PRINCE2 cost.

Every good quality PRINCE2 course will provide delegates with the Official PRINCE2 Axelos- “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2” Manual. It is essential for exam preparation and a great reference book for your future career.

As well as providing you with this official manual we will also provide you with our Knowledge Tree course manual which is a copy of the training slides that our trainers use throughout your course. This allows you to make your own notes so you can refer to when studying for your exams.

An important part of getting ready for your exams is by going over past exam papers and getting a feel for the structure and types of questions that have been asked in the past. That’s why we include an exam manual in the price of your PRINCE2 course. It is used by the trainers when setting you homework and for you to mark yourself against the answers provided. Once you are achieving continuous pass marks in the past papers then you are ready for your exams!


No Surprises


When shopping around for the perfect PRINCE2 course its good to keep in mind what is included in the price of your PRINCE2 course, so you don’t get any unexpected costs once you book on. By offering you the complete package we give you peace of mind of what is included in the price of your PRINCE2 course so you won’t get any surprises after you book.