Study tips for the PRINCE2 exams

Study tips

When you sign up to a PRINCE2 course you might be daunted by the work ahead and the pressure of sitting the exams.

Be assured that our PRINCE2 trainers will prepare you very well for your PRINCE2 exams but the success of your exam results is also down to independent studying so you will want some study tips to help you along the way.

If you decide to take one of our PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner combined courses, you will cover the course content over 4 days. You will take both exams within those 4 days if it is a classroom course you opt for so you will need to study in the evenings.

Pre-course reading

Before you begin your PRINCE2 course you will want to do some prep and pre-reading so you know whats ahead and what content you will be covering on your PRINCE2 course. If you book a PRINCE2 course with us we will provide you with a pre-reading document which we advise you to read through before beginning your training. It will give you a great insight into the course syllabus and prepare you for your study journey ahead.

Here are some study tips to help you prepare for your exams:

·      Take note of the exam tips provided by your trainer during the course. They will point out questions that come up on the exam papers time and time again and will point out answers that people commonly get wrong.

·      Break up your study content into manageable chunks. This could be studying 2 or 3 topics each evening, so it is less overwhelming.

·      Create a quiet study environment- this may be a bit tricky with job demands and family life but fully concentrating on studying for your PRINCE2 exams with little or no distractions will contribute to your exam success. Try pick a time to do your PRINCE2 course when other things in life are on the quiet side and you can fully emerge yourself into studying.

·      Ask questions- if you are unclear of any aspects of the PRINCE2 syllabus or if there are any questions you cannot get your head around, make sure to ask your trainer for help and guidance.

·      Practice makes perfect- as part of your PRINCE2 training pack that you will receive from us you will get a manual of PRINCE2 past exam papers and answers. These are one of the best exam preparation tools. Mastering how to answer the multiple-choice questions takes practice so keep going over and over the sample papers and soon you will pick up similarities and common trends. Make sure to read each question at least twice before attempting the answer as it is easy for us to skip out keywords in questions when we skim read.

·      Analyse your wrong answers- while practicing on past papers you will most likely select some wrong answers at the start of your study journey. This will be due to lack of experience and knowledge, but it will alert you to areas you need to focus on. It’s important not to get disheartened by this. Review your wrong answers and research the right answer. By learning from your mistakes, it will improve your confidence and knowledge along the way.

·      Get plenty of rest- The PRINCE2 course can be an intense course so be prepared for lots of information and self-studying in the evenings. Listen to the advice of your trainer on what studying you should cover each evening but don’t overdo it. Its important to get a good night’s sleep so you are ready to face the next day of training or sitting your exam.

Reviewing these study tips before embarking on your PRINCE2 course is a great way to get yourself prepared. You will have plenty of training materials and support from your trainer along the way, but you need to be prepared to put in the extra work when studying for your exams. Our pass rates here at Knowledge Tree are above the national average so we know we have the high-quality trainers and resources you need to pass your PRINCE2 exams.