How many people attend a course?

Class size

We know class size can be an important factor when deciding on a training provider. You want to know that you won’t turn up at a training course with 50 other delegates in the room.

So before booking your training course you will want to know how many people attend a course.

Here at Knowledge Tree we understand the importance of small class sizes to ensure you receive a high-quality training experience.

We want our delegates to feel comfortable when attending their training course and not be intimated by a large class size.

So how many people attend a course with us?

We have capped our class size to a maximum of 15 delegates but on most occasions, you will find there will be less than that on our courses. We carefully keep an eye on bookings for each location and date and take into consideration venue sizes and facilities when deciding when that date is fully booked.

We believe it is not possible offering training courses with 20+ people attending without compromising on quality.

Small class size makes all the difference. You will get more for your investment of time and money, that’s why we put a lot of thought into how many people attend our courses.

So, what are the benefits of a small class size?

·      It’s easier to see and be seen- we want you to have a clear view of the trainer and the training slides. In a small class the trainer will know everyone and get to know individual’s needs and can adapt their teaching methods to accommodate for this.

·      More attention- having a small class size allows the trainer to give individuals more attention. Our trainers are committed to working with every delegate to make sure they receive what they need out of the training course.

·      Questions answered- having large class sizes can mean there can be a lot of time taken up with delegates asking questions and getting responses from the trainer. With smaller class sizes, asking questions can be a great opportunity for trainers to give more detailed answers and involve class participation which will create a more interactive learning environment.

·      Less distractions- having a small class size can mean fewer distractions within the training room and allows delegates to have more focus on the course content.

·      More personal experience- your trainer will have more time and opportunities to get to know you and your classmates over the training course. This will allow you to feel more comfortable asking questions and can mean a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

So, as you can see there a lot of benefits of attending a course with a small class size and it is definitely an important thing to consider how many people attend a course when choosing your training provider.