New EU GDPR regulations set to fuel demand for PRINCE2 project managers


With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) poised for rollout on May 25 2018, data security and privacy are top of the agenda for organisations across all sectors.

GDPR is a very necessary measure as our current Data Protection Act is now almost 20 years old and predates the emergence of social media and smartphones.

The regulation contains a set of rules which apply to data ‘processors’ and ‘controllers’ - which means that almost every business in the UK will be subject to it.

Businesses are starting to take notice. Companies are actively seeking out professionals who can help manage change and lead their organisation towards compliance. We’re now seeing jobs boards filling up with new job roles like ‘GDPR Project Manager’, ‘Data Analyst - GDPR’ ‘Lead Business Analyst (GDPR). 

PRINCE2, Business Analysis and Change Management certificate holders will be in prime position to take up these new and often well-remunerated role.

Typically, these types of roles are short-term contracts with excellent day rates - so a freelance project manager with a PRINCE2 qualification could expect to be in continuously high demand over the coming 12 months.

For newly qualified PRINCE2 project managers, check out the jobs boards and review job specs for these new GDPR roles. Consider what additional training you now require in order to meet the criteria.

For those considering a career in project management, now is the perfect time to upskill and to begin 2018 with an in-demand skill set.

The new regulation is coming, irrespective of what happens over Brexit. And the fines for noncompliance are enormous - up to €20 million or 4% of global turnover. Professionals with PRINCE2, Business Analysis and Change Management qualifications will be in a great position to support organisations adapt to the GDPR landscape.