The Most Interesting Benefits of In-House Training

In house

When arranging a training course it is easy to forget that there are some interesting benefits of in-house training well worth taking into account.

There are two ways of doing this. One is to use your own trainers or experts to run the training course. The other is to bring in external trainers to run the course on your premises.

Either way, there are a number of powerful reasons for believing that in-house training could be the best approach for you and your company from now on.

Lower Costs

Possibly the most important reason for carrying out training in this way is that it gives you a good cost saving. For a start, since you are providing the premises you don’t need to worry about the cost in this aspect.

Also, because you are arranging a course for a number of delegates at the same time it is likely that this is reflected in the overall cost as well.

Then there is the travelling cost issue to take into account as well. Because the delegates only need to travel to their usual place of work there is no extra expense for them or for the company to cover.

Ideally, this will allow your training budget to stretch further than it normally would. This might let you arrange more training courses than you thought possible or send more people on them.

Less Travelling Time

One of the big issues that make many managers think twice about sending their team on training courses is that of the time involved. If you are all under some pressure at work then sending them away on training can seem like a luxury, no matter how beneficial it could turn out to be.

In many cases the travelling time to an external course involves eating up a lot of the day. If there is a long journey to be made to the training location then the event could take up far more time than initially appears to be the case.

Thankfully, the in-house training option means that the only time the delegates need to be absent from their desks is when they are actually receiving the training itself. This will also free the people getting the training from the hassles of an early morning rise, getting home late or potentially staying overnight away from home.

This has the knock-on effect of helping everyone to turn up fresher and with more energy. You certainly won’t want them to lose part of the course through being tired after a long journey or even turning up late because of the travelling time.

An Opportunity for Team-Building

Because you are sending a few team members on a course together this can also be seen as a fine way of building bonds within the team. Even if they spend most of the day in the office they might never get the chance to interact in the way that they will on this course.

For the duration of the training they can forget about the stresses and strains of their daily workload and learn together. This is simply a wonderful way to let people start to get to know their colleagues better and build up a stronger connection.

If your opportunities for running team-building activities are limited right now then by running a training course on your premises you can kill two birds with one stone very easily thanks to the benefits of in-house training. While they are learning the team can still have a good time and chat, especially during the breaks and group sessions.

Benefits of In-House Training: A Customised Course

It is also important for some companies to get a customised training course that strongly focusses on their current needs. If a standard training course seems too generic for you then this is a smart way of getting something arranged that is more suitable.

After all, one of the biggest fears for managers is that they could end up sending their team members away on a course that turns out to be a waste of time and money. If the vast majority of the course isn’t suitable for the people on it then it is going to be something that struggles to get them interested, anyway.

Of course, by customising the course you may also vary its length too. This could lead to a cost and time saving if the original course was too long and can now be cut down in size to only include the most relevant sections.

Getting a customised course is something that allows you to target the specific needs of your team. In this way, you can ensure that you get them the exact training that they need in order to deal with the demands of your current work and future projects.

Put the Lessons into Practise Immediately

The chance to learn well and then immediately carry out the tasks that have been studied is one of the benefits of in-house training that can make the course’s value even more evident. After all, one of the most frustrating aspects of external training courses is that the delegates often have to wait a long time afterwards to put the lessons into practise.

This can even mean that they forget about some of the things that they have learned by the time they finally get to use them in the real world. It would be a real shame if some of the most important points covered were to be lost before they could be put to good use at work.

On the other hand, by getting their training sorted out in the place where they work you give them a chance to put the new ideas into practise right away. In some cases, they may be able to go back to their desk and start using the techniques they have learned straight after the course finishes.

In this case, there is the added benefit that they can try out the things they have learned and then go back to the next training session with feedback on how it went for them. This can be invaluable in giving complete confidence that they have learned, for example, their PRINCE2 training well.

More Flexible and Convenient

Overall, the biggest benefit of in-house training for most companies is that it gives them a flexible and convenient approach. Instead of fitting everything around a fixed course date and place, you can look to make this the exact type of course that you and your team need right now.

As we have seen, this could mean making the training longer or shorter than it is normally, as well as choosing the location based upon your needs. You can also possibly get the whole team on just one course, rather than potentially having to split them into different courses with a number of trainers.

All of this means that you can get a far higher degree of control over the course and be able to tailor it perfectly. There is no longer any need to settle for courses that don’t deliver the benefits that you have in mind for your team.

Organising an in-house training course with expert trainers is easier to do then you might think. Once you see the benefits for yourself you are almost certain to be convinced that this is the method that works best for you.