How to Prepare for the PRINCE2 Exam


If you have decided that the PRINCE2 qualification is the one for you, you need to know how to prepare for the PRINCE2 exam at some point. If you want your project management career to progress in the right direction, then this qualification is pretty much essential to your aspirations.

Once you get PRINCE2 certified then you will be ready to move your career on to the next level by impressing potential employers. So, how will you manage to get this powerful qualification on your CV with the minimum of fuss?

The truth is that finding out how to prepare for the PRINCE2 exam without any fuss is easier than you might think. The following tips should help you to get qualified without worrying too much about it.

Pick the Right One

The very first point to consider when you get started is that there is more than one PRINCE2 exam you can choose to take. You basically need to know whether you are ready for the PRINCE2 Practitioner level or do you still need to pass the Foundation level first of all?

Typically, the Foundation exam is seen as being ideal for someone who is new to project management or is a project team member. On the other hand, the Practitioner level is aimed at existing project managers who already have experience in running projects.

For most of us, it is actually pretty easy to decide which of these levels to aim for. If you have any doubts, then you might want to speak to some colleagues who have already gained one or both of these qualifications and find out the differences between the foundation and practitioner levels.

Understand What to Expect

It is always a good idea to know exactly what awaits you in any exam that you plan to take. Will you be expected to write long answers or will it be multiple choice, and how long will the exam take anyway? It is important to become familiar with the format of these exams so you know what to expect.

Practising past papers is also a great way to becoming familiar with the format of the PRINCE2 exams and this will form part of what is included in the price of your PRINCE2 course.

Make a Plan

Perhaps the best piece of advice that any project manager can ever receive is to always make a plan. After you have done this job for a while you will probably find that you make plans for everything you do at work and at home anyway, probably without even really thinking about it.

Well, this is also a big part of how to prepare for the PRINCE2 exam as well. If you think about it, this is a sort of project that you will want to carry out in a sensible and structured way just like you work on your other projects.

By creating a plan for your PRINCE2 certification attempt you will find it a lot easier to organise your time and choose your priorities. You will know exactly how long you have left to get ready for the exam and what needs to be done before then.

It will probably be a pretty simple plan, however, by writing it down you will feel a lot more comfortable about not running the risk of forgetting about anything along the way.

Learn from Others

If you work in a company with other project managers, then it is highly likely that some of them have already gained their PRINCE2 certification. This means that they already know what you can expect from your exam.

By chatting with one or two people who have already been through this process you should learn a few things that help you to feel more relaxed about it all. You should find out in this way that there is nothing to fear from the exam ahead of you.

On the other hand, if you discover from this chat that you are not as well-prepared as you thought then it is time to do some serious studying to get you on track.

How to Prepare for the PRINCE2 Exam - Start Studying

The last point leads us nicely on to this one in your quest to become as close as possible to a perfect project manager. You need to be honest with yourself about how much study time you need when wondering how to prepare for the PRINCE2 exam.

If you are relatively new to the world of project management then you may need to learn some of the terms and acronyms that you haven’t yet come across. Even if you have been working on projects for a long time you might feel that you need to refresh your knowledge on some of the key points.

You probably won’t need to dedicate too much study time to the Foundation level but you may want to spend more time on getting ready for the Practitioner exam. Of course, we are all different and not everyone needs the same amount of study time. Looking into helpful study tips could be a great way to get yourself prepared.

Look for Inspiring Multi-Media Material

If studying is something that you struggle to get excited about then you might decide to go for a different approach. If you don’t want to read books about PRINCE2 then what about seeking out videos online?

This multi-media approach could be just what you need to learn the basics in a fun way. Indeed, once you get going you could find that learning about projects is a huge amount of fun.

Get Trained

Wanting to know how to prepare for the PRINCE2 exam in the most effective way? Well, the best idea is to get on a training course that gets you ready for it.

These short but highly effective PRINCE2 courses will pack everything you need to know into just a few short and enjoyable days. You will then sit your exam at the end of it while everything is still completely fresh in your mind.

This is the most stress-free way of giving yourself the best possible chance of passing the exam without any hassles. Just choose the dates that suit you best and you are ready to go.

Stay Cool and Calm

Finally, it is definitely worth remembering the importance of staying cool and calm during the build-up to the exams. Sure, this is an important step for your future career, but it isn’t something that you should be losing sleep over.

Provided that you choose the right type of PRINCE2 qualification and then go about things in the right way, you should find that it is relatively easy to get the project management certification that you have been dreaming of.

Getting hold of a valuable PRINCE2 certification is not as tough as you might initially fear. By getting prepared and doing the right things you can make sure that you gain this qualification and are able to look forward to a brighter future in project management.