COVID-19 & Virtual Training Courses. Fight the fear.

COVID-19 Coronavirus virtual courses

Last Update: 28/03/2020 10:00

COVID-19 is upon us and things are very difficult for everyone across the UK, Ireland and the rest of the world at the moment.

The rate of infection has increased significantly over the past few days and we have been told that we're now on the 'upward trajectory' of the exponential growth of this virus before the 'peak', expected in the middle of May/June in the UK/Ireland. The governments advise has been to avoid social contact and work from home where possible, this has meant we have cancelled all classroom based training courses across the UK & Ireland since 17/03/2020.

We take this very seriously at Knowledge Tree and we will only proceed with classroom based courses when we get the all clear from the government or public health agencies.

FREE PRINCE2 Virtual Training for NHS staff and Front Line workers

We are offering free PRINCE2 virtual training courses for NHS staff and other front line workers. We will try to accomodate as many people as possible, but it will be based on the live course capacity. This is live instructor led training, not e-learning. It will be available to any front line worker with an official email address e.g. Course material will be provided via PDF and if you wish to take the exams at the end of the course please let us know.

What's the solution for learning?

In our opinion there is nothing as good as classroom based, instructor led courses, but the other option is a virtual classroom with our qualified trainers. Why not use this time for personal and professional growth whilst in the comfort of your own home or office?

Virtual Learning is the closest thing to a classroom based course. It is fully live and interactive:

  • Completed over Webex (free web conferencing software). View slides, interact with a whiteboard and use audio to communicate with the group and your trainer.
  • Live UK based instructor-led course, max class size 10 people.
  • Exams proctored remotely via webcam and included in the price. Full certification.
  • They run from 9:30am - 4pm daily for the duration of the course. Connect via your laptop/computer at home or wherever you are. You just need a strong broadband connection (5 Mbps+), if you can stream Netflix you should fine.
  • Added exclusive bonus: We are offering one free resit for both the PRINCE2 Foundation exam and PRINCE2 Practitioner exams (£200/€300 usual value per exam) if you fail the first time around.
  • Bonus #2: Private or group access to a live trainer in the evening during the course to help with exam technique via Webex or phone.

Please look into the options here: or live chat with us (bottom right of your screen)

We hope to hear from you soon.

Take care and look after yourself!

Chris Lamph

Managing Director - Knowledge Tree Training

P.S. Another great resource from WHO. Their online learning platform for Virus knowledge transfer.

Virtual Learning FAQs

What is Live Virtual Learning?

Live Virtual Learning allows you to complete an online course from the comfort of your own home. It is delivered by a live qualified trainer over video conferencing software. It will also cover the same content covered in any of our classroom courses.

What is the difference between a Live Virtual Learning and E-Learning?

Live Virtual Learning is a training course delivered by a live qualified trainer over video conferencing software. You can ask your trainer questions during the training and get a response right away. It also allows the attendees and trainer to have live discussions. An E-Learning course is a pre- recorded video delivered by a qualified trainer that will cover the content of a training course. You will watch this in your own time and you are unable to ask any questions or have any discussions.

How does Live Virtual Learning differ from a classroom based course?

Our classroom courses take place in venues throughout the UK and Ireland. You and the trainer will physically be in the same room. Live Virtual Learning takes place over a web based application from your home and it is the next best option to a classroom course. Both types of courses will offer the same content and support as the trainer will be able to answer any questions you may have using a microphone if you choose to do a virtual training course. Documents can be shared over web applications as well as email. A huge benefit of Live Virtual Learning is that there is no travelling involved, you can take a course online in the comfort of your own home.

How many people will be taking a Live Virtual Learning course at any one time?

We are capping the class size to 10 delegates. This means you will receive a high level of support from the trainer at all times.

How will I communicate with my trainer during my Live Virtual Learning session?

We will be using WebEx as the platform for our Live Virtual Learning training. It offers you the option to communicate with your trainer using the microphone on your pc/laptop, use the chat option to type a question or select the ‘raise a hand’ option if they have a question to ask. So your trainer will be alerted anytime you have a question to ask.

What are the timings of the Live Virtual Learning course?

Our courses will run 9.30-4 each day for the duration of the course.

How do exams work on a Live Virtual Learning course?

If you opt to take a Live Virtual Learning course with us, you will also take your exams virtually. We will issue you an exam voucher for the relevant exams you have booked. You can then use the voucher code provided to book an online exam with the examining body for a time and date that suits you. This will be an exam taken on a computer via an online proctor with the examining body. You are required to have a webcam for all exams. 

When do my exams take place on a Live Virtual Learning course?

Your exams will take place after your Live Virtual Learning course takes place. Once you book and pay for your Live Virtual Learning course in full, we will issue exam vouchers to you. You will then use the voucher codes to book your online exams with the examining body. We advise you book your exam slots as soon as you receive your vouchers code to ensure you get an exam slot soon after you have taken your Live Virtual Learning course.

Will I be offered the same support if I opt for a Live Virtual Learning course?

Absolutely. Our high qualified trainers will be offering the same high level support we offer on our classroom based courses. You will a few ways of communicating with your trainer while you are taking your course. You will also be provided with the same training materials that we provide on our classroom based courses.

What training materials will I receive if I take a Live Virtual Learning course?

You will receive the exact same materials that we provide on our classroom based courses. We post the training material out to your home or work address before your Live Virtual Learning course starts. The trainer will also share their screen with you via the Webex platform during the course so you will view the same training slides that we use on our classroom based course.